Friday, 30 December 2011

A Tequila-Drenched Review...

Colin over at Too Busy Thinking About My Comics had this to say about El Bigote: A Tequila-Drenched Reckoning:

"I know how seriously Matthew McLaughlin takes his writing, and so I'm always taken aback to note how hard he works to make his scripts as entertainingly free from worthiness as possible. No lover of superheroes, he's developing his trade in a variety of sadly less-typical genres, from the grimmest of futuristic westerns to absurd rib-ticklers concerning medieval priests engaged in monster hunting. I admire his determination to carve out his own terse, smart and dryly amusing style, and I'm pleased to note the development of his latest venture, the fantasy western El Bigote, in which a Mexico plagued by the undead is patrolled by a ghoul-killer not given to excesses of negotiation or restraint. Matt's enthusiastic to be collaborating with artist El Chivo on the project and the result of their combined endeavours is, quite frankly, something of a hoot. You can find sample art and follow the properties progress forwards here at the El Bigote Facebook page, and there's an El Bigote site currently under construction here, featuring a splendid logo put together by the apparently tireless Bolt-01."

El Bigote: A Tequila-Drenched Reckoning will be available for FREE - both in print and digitally - very very soon now...

El Bigote: Wanted Dead or Dead Alive...

This Spanish-language teaser for El Bigote: A Tequila-Drenched Reckoning was done up for this past Day of the Dead. But don't let all the Espanol frighten you off - the comic is written mostly in Broken English. And Spanglish. And Bumpkin.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Welcome to Undead Mexico...

You’re South of the Border now, the border between Life and the Afterlife. Welcome to Undead Mexico, where El Dia De Los Muertos never ends…

Living dead banditos and ghoulish conquistadores, cannibalistic muertoads and spectral sessquatches prowl Mexico’s haunted prairies – and it’s up to Undead Mexican Mustache-Quillslinger El Bigote to put them back in their tequila worm-infested graves!

Writer Locust, artist El Chivo and letterer Bolt 01 are set to uncork El Bigote: A Tequila-Drenched Reckoning on unsuspecting comic book readers.

A Tequila-Drenched Reckoning is a special stand-alone series preview issue aimed to introduce readers to and showcase the bizarre world of El Bigote, which just might be the only Gothic Mexican Horror-Western-Fantasy-Comedy comic book in existence!

Blending dark humor and cartoon violence with biting satire and the meanings of unlife, El Bigote is sure to be regarded as profound by someone and nonsense to everyone else.

'So where can I read El Bigote: A Tequila-Drenched Reckoning?' you inquire impatiently.

A special limited (100 copies) print edition of A Tequila-Drenched Reckoning will soon be available for FREE through the El Bigote El Blogote or the El Bigote Facebook Page (details will follow in a future post, but it’ll basically be first come first serve).

To make sure no one’s left out, the issue will also be available FREE digitally through…well…everywhere really: Clickwheel, Dropbox, Comixology, Myebook, ect. The plan is just to get as many people to read and (hopefully) enjoy El Bigote’s adventures.

Of course El Bigote's creators are actively searching for a Big Comics Executive off-kilter smart enough to throw lots of money at a weird little comic project and make them Rich Comics Superstars…

Buuut in the meantime, they'll continue to produce the comic independently.

The first full-length El Bigote story, La Noche De Los Muertoads, will be available mid-2012, and a series of episodic quillslinger adventures will appear in the pages of British Small Press anthology comics Paragon and AAAIIIEEE!!!.

Be sure to visit El Blogote for updates!