Sunday, 22 January 2012

Latest El Bigote News and Notes...

Above: El Bigote Rides Out by artist Christopher Geary.

A quick update on all things El Bigote:

The script for the second issue of El Bigote, 'La Noche De Los Muertoads', is now in artist El Chivo's hands, and he plans to start penciling it soon. Artist Christopher Geary has begun work of 'La Terror Del Sessquatch', and artist Stewart Davies is busy on the first episode of a short spinoff series entitled 'Exorcismo', which will feature the skull-faced baddie of 'A Tequila-Drenched Reckoning'.

The reason for there being so many scripts in production all at once? El Bigote is soon going to go live as a webcomic!

From the start the plan has been to produce El Bigote adventures even while searching for a distributor, making limited print runs available for any fans we happen to (somehow) pick up along the way. And by limited, I mean limited - as in 200 copies per issue. Any more than that just wouldn't be possible on our budget (we are starving artists, you know), and we'd be limited to publishing two or three issues a year; "distribution" would consist mainly of flogging comics at conventions across the country. With no money for advertising, a limited press run, and an uneven release schedule El Bigote wouldn't stand much of a chance to gain a readership.

But a webcomic will allow us to reach a potentially wider audience(fear not you long box puritans, those limited press runs are still going to happen).

And since we won't be hampered by print costs, El Bigote will be fully colored (though the printed version will be B&W). Colorist (and fantastic artist, letterer, bloke, and so forth) Owen Watts will be joining the El Bigote team to help us out with that!

Lastly, the biggest news is that 'A Tequila-Drenched Reckoning' is closer to being unveiled! ...but a separate post on that, later.

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