Thursday, 15 March 2012

The Final Pinup.

El Bigote letterer Bolt-01 is no slouch when it comes to the art-quills - here's his pinup of a somewhat melancholy El Bigote, which will appear on the back interior cover of 'A Tequila-Drenched Reckoning'.


Although Bolt's official position on the El Bigote team is that of "letterer", he deserves as much (or more) credit for the comic as anyone else - myself and artist El Chivo included. Without his wealth of industry knowledge (he manages and edits four titles of his own, under the FutureQuake banner), Chi and I would probably be creating El Bigote solely 'for fun'; Bolt was the first person to give the project a real vote of confidence, and has since gone on to act as advisor and editor, design all the logos and interior blurb pages and assist in preparing the comic for print (news on that veeerrry soon).

To put it poetically, Bolt is to the El Bigote team what the Undead Ostrich is to El Bigote (ha ha).

Cheers, Bolt!