Thursday, 5 September 2013

'El Bigote: Exorcismo' for sale!!!

El Bigote: Exorcismo is now for sale! Cost (including shipping) is $5.00 for the US and $7.00 for the rest of the world! Click on the PayPal button below...


If you also want to order a copy of El Bigote: A Tequila-Drenched Reckoning, message me first so I can set you up with a deal (cheaper shipping when you buy multiple comics).

For previews of both issues, please visit the El Bigote Facebook page:

El Biogte: A Tequila-Drenched Reckoning is now for sale!

$5.00 in the US, $6.50 worldwide (prices INCLUDE SHIPPING).

The first 100 hombres to order A Tequila-Drenched Reckoning will receive a FREE copy of Issue 0.

Comic + Shipping

For samples of the comic, please visit the El Bigote facebook page:

NOTE TO EVERYONE WHO RECEIVED A COPY OF ISSUE 0 WE GAVE OUT LAST YEAR: This version of A Tequila-Drenched Reckoning is 24 pages long vs the 10-page issue 0 version. It is essentially the same story, just expanded and with new artwork; it does introduce a couple of new characters and ongoing subplots that carry over to the next issue, El Bigote: Exorcismo, which is due out November 1st.

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